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Elastical bundling strap with one hand use.

The best friend for all bikepackers and tourers!

Securing, bundling, fastening - it has never been easier. Elastic fixing strap with one-hand function.

Multiple purpose, such as car-camping, using in the car, and in different sports (ski, motorbike touring, cycling, touring, bushcrafting, ect.) household works.

  • Versatile, durable, tear-resistant, flexible
  • Heat and cold resistant, UV resistant
  • Composable and therefore extendable
  • Withstands the extrem weather -30 celsius to +60 celsius

Fixplus strap nano slim 23 cm -GREY

  • Length: 23 cm
    Width: 1.25 cm
    Usable length: 20 cm
    Weight: 7.5 g

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