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I confess that a quality and durable product can only be made from quality fabrics and accecories. We spend a lot of time finding and trying out the best fabrics and accessories because we don’t want to compromise. As we wrote in the introduction, equipment should not be a barrier to discovery, adventure. Most of the materials are ordered from abroad, from within the EU. Only the best possible quality of accessories, zippers, velcro fasteners, buckles and straps can be put on Mokush bags (YKK, Duraflex, Fidlock, Velcro Brand). 

mokush bikepacking x-pac vx21 custom made bag kerékpáros táska

We basically use two types of materials for the outer, main material of the bags, X-Pac and Cordura. In addition, we use Ripstop Nylon materials with different tensile strengths and Polyester, always the most suitable for the need. All of the materials described above are waterproof and will not get saggy for a while in a light rain. When it does, the inner layer of the fabric will more or less stops the moisture. BUT! Sewing unfortunately does not provide 100% waterproofness. There is nothing to do with this, some moisture can get through the holes hit by the needle. 


Coming from the U.S., it is manufactured by Dimension-Polyant, which began its career by developing sailcloth. The X-Pac material is extremely waterproof and has high tensile strength yet light weight. At least 3 layers are laminated together. On the outside there is a strong nylon fabric, going inwards there is a waterproof membrane called polyester X-PLY®, then at the inside we find a 0.5 mil thick layer of PET film. The hallmark of X-Pac materials is a diamond pattern and (not on each type) a white interior. This will make it easier to find the things in your bag. The water resistance of the material is 140,000 mm.
In addition to its light weight, tensile strength and favorable waterproof properties, it is popular with bag and equipment manufacturers due to its stiffer grip.
You can find most of the time VX21, X10 and VX42 in our bags.
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mokush bikepacking x-pac vx21 waterproof bike bag custom made kerékpáros táska
mokush bikepacking cordura custom made bag kerékpáros táska

Cordura material was also developed in the USA. It was used primarily for durable workwear and then became increasingly popular with companies involved in outdoor clothing and equipment. Cordura (of which there are many variants) is a very densely woven canvas (nylon). It is very resistant to wear and tear. The versions we use are waterproof thanks to the dense weave and the internal waterproof lubrication (PU, TPU). The parts of our bags that are subject to strong wear (e.g. the spines of the frame bags, or bag bottoms) are definitely made of Cordura. It is most commonly used at densities of 500D and 1000D. 
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Which one is right for you? 

Basically, whatever material you choose, you won’t be disappointed. There are bags where you can choose a material, not just a color, and there are situations when we love to work with a specific material because of its excellent properties. Our goal is to serve your bag for years to come and you will enjoy using it. 
If you're still making a choice, keep the following in mind:
The X-Pac material:
- has excellent water resistance
- lighter than Cordura
- less durable and more vulnerable (but believe me, it's still durable enough!)
- due to its more expensive price, the total amount of the bag may be higher
Perfect choice for average, normal use. It is also a good choice if you want ultra light equipment.

The cordura material:
- extremely durable and abrasion resistant
- because of this, its weight is heavier than the X-Pac
-getting soggy earlier during rain
If your bags are exposed to a lot of abuse (either on foot or by bike)  or you’re getting ready for an extreme place, perhaps an expedition where you don’t want to risk a possible rupture, or maybe you don’t want to buy more bags in your life time, you might want to choose Cordura. :)
It’s a funny exaggeration, of course, but it’s indeed a very durable material.

mokush bikepacking custom made bike bag x-pac vx25 kerékpáros táska
mokush bikepacking custom made bike bag cordura handlebar bag kerékpáros táska
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