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Frame bag template

On this page, I would like to help you how to create a frame bag template. You can find special information about the half-frame bags at the bottom of the page.

To be able to make a custom frame bag for you, I will need an accurate template. Unfortunately, the geometry of the frame isn’t enough for me because it doesn’t reveal much about it. And the frame bags are more pentagons than triangles anyway, so the length of three frame tubes isn’t enough, sorry.  Don't take it as a headache, you want a unique bag that uses the most of the space available!
You do not need drawing skills or any special programs to create a template. Just a piece of cardboard and a marker. 
As accurate the template is, only the bag can be as accurate. That’s why I suggest you do it when you have time for it, don’t whip up the work!

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Templates in stock

Before you grab a cardboard and a marker, you might ask me, if I have that specific model and size  in stock. If not, you can be the one who can enrich my collection with another model, another size. Gratitude!
Write an email to or a Messenger message.

mokush bikepacking custom full frame bag brother cycles big bro kerékpáros táska váztáska

How to make the template of your life?

What you will need to create the template:

  • A little precision and patience

  • A cardboard that is larger than the triangle of the frame 

  • 1  sheet wrapping paper (household wrapping)

  • Utility knife and scissors

  • Ruler

  • Marker or pencil


It’s easier if you have help with the project, but it can be done by your own. Press the cardboard onto the frame, oposite to the drive side. Make sure the pencil runs in line with the frame (a bit bigger template is still better than a small one because you can correct it). If you have it, cut it out and see if the template fits into the frame. It is good if only 1-2 mm are between the cardboard and the frame. I’m going to add 5 mm on each side for sewing, so the  bag will be just the size of your template. 

Marks on the template:

  • Please mark the top of the chainring so I'll know where should be the bottom of the bag (In the case of a half-frame bag, there is no need for this.). A tiny part is left out at the bottom, but in return, the bag will not touch the chain in any case.

  • Mark everything on the template that you consider important regarding the velcros.  E.g. external bowden guides, front derailleur, mounting points for existing bags, etc.

  • If the seat stay connects lower on the seat tube please mark it. 

  • Also, mark the bottle cage mounts on the downside of the down tube and the top tube bag mount points on the top tube. 


sablon bringa.png

Half frame and wedge template

For half-frame bags, the goal is usually to use 1-2 bottle cages under the bag. That's why it's a good idea to make the template when you already have the bottle cages and bottles you will be using. Upwardly removable bottle holders can also be used (with more or less force), but you may want to think about a side-removable model. This way, the bag can really reach the top of the bottle, taking advantage of every cm. Having a wedge-style bag you'll be able to use the bottle cage mounted on the seat tube.
You need to create the template in the same way as for full frame bags. 

mokush bikepacking váztáska custom made frame bag top tube bag feésőcső táska
mokush bikepacking wedge frame bag top tube bag kerékpáros táska váztáska felsőcső táska

If the template is accurate, it is worth copy it on thinner paper, because the edge of the cardboard is difficult to cut nicely, but on thin paper, you have the option to straighten the lines, and it is also easier to mail. 
Please write your name, contact information, and bike model, year, size,  onto the template !

Once you're done, head to the post office and send it to:
Balázs Boros
2623 Kismaros
Szokolyai 19.

Mokush workshop made templates

If you are very unsure or have a very specfic frame (e.g. full suspension) and want me to take the template off the frame, this can also be done. You can do this during the opening hours in the workshop (the address of Kismaros can be seen above). The service fee is 3000 HUF / occasion. The process is maximum 60 minutes long. You can also take a look at the fabrics live and choose the one you like. You can also check out the other Mokush bag models and I can offer some tea or coffee.  Prior booking is required to use the service!

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