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Once you've selected which products you'd like to purchase, you can choose from the following payment methods:

  • Bank Transfer

  • Wise

  • Revolut

  • PayPal

After your order has been placed we contact you via email and send you the invoice. 


Shipping within Hungary

You can receive the ordered product as follows:

  • Free of charge personal pick up :
    It is possible to pick up in person at a pre-arranged time.
      My workshop is located at the following address: 2623 Kismaros, Szokolyai str. 19. Hungary.

  • Pick up at a Foxpost vending machine :
    You can request delivery to any of the 800 Foxpost vending machines in the country.
      The fee for this, regardless of weight and size, is 1300 HUF.
    The list of available vending machines can be found here: Foxpost automatic search engine


  • Home delivery with MPL (Hungarian Post) courier service:
    The cost of it depends on weight and package size but usually does not exceed 2400 HUF.

Shipping outside of Hungary:

  • We use the Packeta Hungary system for deliveries abroad in Europe and The US. 
    For international shipping please contact us!



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