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The half frame bag runs parallel to the top tube. It doesn't fill the entire triangle, so your bottles can fit comfortably under the bag.


It is tailor made to your frame! For this, you need to create the template for me. See the Workshop / Template page for more information.


Lead time: 4-6 weeks



  • Closed cell foam and lined spine: protect your frame and the equipments inside your bag
  • X-Pac VX 21 side panel (You can read more about the fabrics on the Workshop / Fabrics page.) You can find the available colors in the pictures.
  • Cordura 1000D spine: because this part gets the most load.
  • Bag width: approx. 6-6.5 cm, (ideal width, no rubbing).
  • Water proofness: The bags are sewn, so I can’t promise 100% water resistance. If you do encounter with a heavy rain, don't be scared, the seam will last for a long time. Be sure to put water-sensitive equipment in a waterproof case.

Please read the description and technical information below before purchasing.


Half zipped frame bag

  • The frame bags use a practical space that we would use only for bottle cages. The controllability of the bike hardly changes, the weight is centered and down.

    Bags of the "wedge" type form a kind of transition between half and full bags.

    They can be used not only for longer rides, but also in the daily routine (going to work, shopping). You will need a template to create it. Don't be scared, it's not complicated and you don't need any drawing skills! You can read more about the templates HERE.


    There is enough space under the bag to carry your bottles as usual.

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