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Why the name "Hamster"?

Because as small as it can seem, it can devours so much.

Barell shape handlebar and saddle bag so that the important little things are always at hand.


Lead time: 1-2 weeks



Cordura 600D material You can find the available colors in the pictures.

  • (You can read more about the fabrics on the Workshop / Fabrics page.)
  • with waterproof zipper
  • Closed cell foam stiffener so the bag holds its shape even when empty
  • With 2 inner and 2 outer pockets
  • You can fasten it to the handlebars with 2 quick-release straps and 3 mm adjustable cord (these come with the bag)

In this video you can see how practically the Hamster bag can be packed. (You can see the previous version (without the stiffener) in the video.)

Although the materials are waterproof, the bags are sewn, so I can’t promise 100% water proofness. If you encounter a heavy rain, don't be afraid, the seam will withstand the elements for a long time. Be sure to place water-sensitive equipment in a waterproof case.

Please read the description, extra options and technical information below before purchasing.

X-Pac Burrito bag - The Hamster

  • City riding? Commuting or a fast daily trip? This bag on the handlebar or even behind a saddle can do an excellent service. The daisy chain that runs along the back of the bag makes it easy to vary its attachment. Thanks to the cell foam stiffener it does not need to be completely stuffed to hold its shape. There are mesh outer pockets on both sides. You can hang a key, a lamp or a speaker onto the daisy chain strap along the front.

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